Privateer Press Plastics

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So over the last month, I’ve been working on the Warmachine starter set, I’ve read the rules and they sound nice and straight forward, though with enough variation depending on Warcaster to hold interest for a long time – just as well as their re-release schedule  is fairly slow.

The armies are also fairly small on model count, making it easier to interest other people (in comparison to Warhammer, I would expect it easier to get someone started).

However, I can’t remember the last time I spent so long cleaning mould lines and assembling plastic models – poly cement doesn’t work, it’s the wrong sort of plastic. It really made me notice how high the quality of GW’s plastics are – complain about  price all you want (I certainly think twice before picking up a new box these days – painting list non-withstanding), for ease of assembly and quality of detail, I don’t think they’ve been beaten yet.

I’ll pop up some images when I get the chance – I’ve used the airbrush and my new set of Minitaire Ghost Tints to get the base of the Khador ‘jacks and Man O’War models done, while the Menoth models were all done by brush.


The Ranger’s Standard, and it’s use at Warhammer World

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So, The Ranger’s Standard, 50 points to give a single unit the ‘Strider’ universal rule.

In most games at mine and my friend’s houses, and even clubs I’ve been to, this item is singularly useless and/or overpriced. Mainly because of the lack of terrain – usually 4-5 pieces, with a nice open middle. This is a hold-over from earlier editions, where the terrain rules were far more punishing, and the amount recommended was much lower.

The one place where I’ve found terrain in abundance, is Warhammer World events, and once I’m there I find my normal army selection to be somewhat hindered – usually I pick lots of cavalry style units, or big blocks that don’t fit through small gaps, this has likely come about because of the amount of guns and bows that my regular opponents tend to bring along, as well as a natural predilection for things that move fast.

A realisation at Warhammer Battle Brothers a couple of weeks ago led me to re-think my snap decision against the Ranger’s Standard in light of my Warriors of Chaos, who at several points had to walk slowly towards the teeth of my opponent’s guns due to obstacles and woodland in the way.

In essence, in an environment where the terrain is heavier than people are used to in their local games, and a certain item is considered pointless in list design – being able to run a unit of Knights or Skullcrushers through a piece of terrain when it’s not expected, all without the risk of dangerous terrain tests, could be employed as a surprise on a flank where the enemy thought they had an extra turn, or a safe flank due to terrain slowing my unit down.

Extending this, a list involving largely flying units, and the block with TRS, could be a lot more mobile than the level of terrain would usually indicate – potentially yielding several second turn charges.

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Returning from Campaign

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All in all, I’m happy with my results. It was a brilliant weekend, I met several awesome people and even bumped into a couple of guys I met at Doubles the last time Mike and I attended.

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Cry, ‘Havoc!’ and let slip the rats of war..!

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Sooo, I’m off to Nottingham this Spring. Originally I intended to bring my newly painted tree-based Wood Elf army, but good sense, a dream of winning, and a freshly painted Screaming Bell convinced me otherwise.

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It picks the best of times to go wrong

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I’m working from home this week, got kicked out of the office because I was sneezing on everyone.

I haven’t actually had occasion to boot into Ubuntu for a couple of months on my home PC, because it’s mostly used for ease when dealing with GIT version control and accessing office servers (public key authentication, handy!).

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Clanrat #200…

Posted by Tom Black on August 25, 2011 in Wargames |

No more Clanrats, none, not a single one, EVER.

Since my last post, I’ve painted my remaining 50 Clanrats, finished the 6 Rat Ogres, Painted the bit of my Plague Claw Catapult conversion that needed painting, and started on my 40 Eternal Guard for the Wood elf army.

I’ve already packed away the Clanrats, I’ll try and do pictures of my whole Skaven collection (well, the painted parts of it!) in the not-too-distant future. It’s getting quite large!

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Trees! Argh!

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I’ve literally just finished basing my new Treekin models – and re-basing two ‘Durthu the Treeman’ models – the current GW Treeman is awful in my opinion, and I’m none too happy with the Treekin either.

Which is why I’ve used the 90’s metal dryads, two to a base – they’re roughly the same size, and a joy to paint. They also make my Treekin unit a bit unique, and a huge amount cheaper – as I paid only £20 for all 24 metal dryads (On eBay, admittedly!)

Unfortunately, it’s much easier to store unassembled models than it is assembled models – especially when most of the model cases are filled with Skaven. Got to work out where to store them! Probably see about putting in a new shelf above my PC for displaying my better (and larger) efforts.

I’ve got 6 Rat Ogres lined up for my next painting job – get all the Monsterous Infantry out of the way in one go!

Paint scheme for the Tree* after the ‘more’…

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I’ve finished another block of 50 Skaven Clanrats, that makes a total of 150 of the little blighters painted so far, and only 50 of them to go (and other misc skaven of course!)

I’m also half way through finishing my 12 ‘counts-as’ Treekin, based the first six this morning.

Once those are done and based, I’m probably going to paint the Warriors of Chaos Hero model I bought the other day – I want to try out some Slaanesh-ish colour schemes on him – if it looks good enough, that might be my next adventure once painting up, erm, everything else I have here! Lore of Death and WoC Lore of Slaanesh magic looks like it could be amusing (here, take this hellshriek-induced panic test on a -4 LD penalty (Doom & Darkness + Doomtotem…)

Anyway, back to the treekin now, and Transformers (original series, season 2) which is playing away on DVD at the moment!

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Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Right. Away with Drupal, too much faff for what I was(n’t) using it for! Moving on to WordPress, and upgrading gallery2 to gallery3 while I’m at it. I’ve also decided to not renew my other hosting account (ater-lumen.com) as it’s that time of year again, and redirected the url to aim at this server.

I’m going to make a concerted effort to update this more than once a year… we’ll see how that goes, I don’t hold out masses of hope in the long run, but it’s worth a try!

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